Cultural capital of Europe 2016: Wroclaw in Poland
Wroclaw is a vibrant, historic city on the forefront of change in Europe. It is also a thriving, cosmopolitan metropolis and a vanguard of innovation where progress, in all of its forms, seems to have no limits.
With an ample history spanning over a thousand years, Wroclaw is a place where tradition and experience intertwines with the vibrancy of a dynamic business centre. Located strategically between Berlin, Warsaw, Prague and Bratislava, Wroclaw the Capital of the Lower Silesia region is a perfect destination for guests coming from all over Europe.

But the city offers much more than innovative business solutions: it is one of the most rapidly developing cities on the cultural map of Poland and Europe. Wroclaw is also the host of the European Capital of Culture 2016 and the World Games 2017, which will bring numerous artistic and sports events to the city.

The ECC WRO 2016 is not only ab. 400 projects totaling for near 1000 of artistic events: like festivals, concerts, plays, projections, happenings or the city area events, which will take place within few years, and culminate in 2016. It also includes many social, cultural and educational programs offered mostly to the dwellers of Wroclaw and Lower Silesia. Specifically valuable are the initiatives of the dwellers themselves who participate in ECC under the very popular mikroGRANT, the Voice of the the excluded or the Bridges Projects, which we will all enjoy as soon as tomorrow, on 20 Jun, around 27 of the Wroclaw Bridges. - Each city (not only Wroclaw) includes some people who are excluded from the Culture for good, due to the variety of reasons, including their own choice. These people, the disabled, poor families, the troubled teens, are offered the lasting annual transformation of 2016, says Jaroslaw Fret, the chairman of the ECC WRO 2016 Trustee Board, who also patronage the program of Ministerium of Culture. The program will include several dozens of similar social initiatives.

More information about the program, vist the website!